A Soybean and Feed Grain Merchant for Western Producers

North East Prairie Grain Inc. is a reputable, major buyer of soybeans cultivated throughout the Prairie Provinces. We offer new crop contracts and cash purchase offers to various sellers. You can take advantage of our competitive pricing, on-farm pickup, and prompt payment!

Working With Our Partners to Distribute Soybean Products

Our company works alongside Ken Kunz of KND Feeds Ltd. to distribute stellar-quality soybean products. We offer full-fat soybean meal and its 6% oil-content variant as well as soy oil to livestock producers in several areas including Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Manitoba.

Extruded Full-Fat Soybean Meal Specs:

Min. Crude Protein: 36%

Max. Crude Fat: 20%

Max. Crude Fiber: 6%

Max. Moisture: 8%

Ingredients: Ground Whole Soybeans

Serving Various Producers

We provide chicken, broiler turkey, swine, dairy, and other livestock producers with soybeans and soy by-products from suppliers throughout the prairies. These products are used for protein meal production.

A good example of a by-product is full-fat soybean meal which contains high fat levels and is a good source of all the essential amino acids. Soybean meal promotes health and wellness in pigs, poultry, cattle, sheep, and horses of all ages when included in the diets of these animals. With high levels of fat, soybean meal can also be used as a source of linoleic acid for laying hen feeds and contributes to egg weight and grading.

Soybean meal is sometimes referred to as the gold standard because it is rich in highly digestible protein. This is composed of a superior blend of amino acids, the building blocks of body protein for livestock and poultry. To request additional information or to place an order, contact us.

Full-Fat Soybean Meal Specs:

Min. Order: 36 - 42 MT

Min. Protein: 36%

Min. Calcium: 0.20%

Min. Phosphorus: 0.45%

Min. Fat: 20.00%

Moisture: 8%

Crude Fiber: 6%