NEPG Commodity Specials

FEED BARLEY - $5.25 Bus FOB Farm for Prompt Pickup, most SK locations
SOYBEAN - $14.00 FOB Farm, min. 34% protein, max 13.5% moisture, prompt movement
SAMPLE CANOLA - Buying heated, green, spring thrashed, canola. Prompt Movement!

NEPG Daily Commodity Bids - All prices are FOB Farm (NEPG covers freight cost) for delivered bids contact us.

CommodityNW SKNE SKSW SKSE SKMovement Date
Soybeans #2 OB (no protein min.)$14.00 bus$14.00 bus$14.25 bus$14.25 busFeb/Mar
Feed Barley$5.25 bus$5.05 bus$5.50 bus$5.15 busFeb/Mar
Feed Barley$5.25 bus$5.05 bus$5.50 bus$5.15 busFeb/Mar
Red Wheat (Max 1.0 ppm Vomi, no ergot, Dry)$6.50 bus$6.50 bus$6.75 bus$6.65 busFeb/Mar
Feed Wheat (Any Class. Max 10.0 ppm vomi &10% Fuzz) $6.25 bus$6.25 bus$6.60 bus$6.50 busFeb/Mar
Feed Oats (Min. 40 lbs, Max 14.1% moisture)$3.00 bus$3.25 bus$3.25 bus$3.40 busFeb
Faba Beans (Zero tannin varieties only)$6.25 bus$6.25 bus$6.25 bus$6.25 busFeb/Mar
Feed Peas (zero dockage up to 5%, dry)$7.50 bus$7.50 bus$7.50 bus$7.50 busFeb/Mar
Feed Lentils (sample approval)$8.00 bus$8.00 bus$8.25 bus$8.25 busDec/Jan
Corn #2 (Min. 54 lbs//bus, Max 15.0% moisture)--$5.75 Bus$5.50 BusFeb/Mar
Damaged Canola (Max 30% heated/green, dry)$8.00 bus$8.00 bus$8.00 bus$8.00 busFeb

*Prices are based on min. 40 MT loads, prices may vary slightly depending on location and quality.
*Grain Marketing division call 1(306)873-3551 or email marketing:

Feed Grain Merchants

North East Prairie Grain Inc. is a reputable Feed Grain & Soybean Merchant. We operate two specialized divisions to assist a wide range of producers across the Prairie Provinces in the marketing of all commodities grown in the Western Canada.

Feed Division

Our feed division uses a network of cattle, dairy, hog, and chicken operations and mills to buy and sell prairie feed grains and meal. We cater to clients in the Prairie Provinces. 

"In Business to Serving Western Producers and Feeders"

Brokerage Division

We have a brokerage division that is composed of highly qualified marketing professionals that you can depend on. You can count on us to direct you to the best markets, prices and times to sell your commodities.

A Company Trusted by Buyers and Sellers

North East Prairie Grain Inc. is a trusted first choice for Prairie producers. In addition, we are continually building strong relationships with various secure buyers. We do this to give producers peace of mind that they are getting the best value for their product.

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Our mission is to be of service to Western producers.

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